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Daughters of the Sun

Daughters of the Sun

As disease and riots rage outside the theatre, the two remaining members of Theatre Union of Artists(TM) make a show. One sings and one makes noise from anything.  Together they will perform an anarchic song cycle, taking inspiration and influence from across the history of music up to the present day.

The show is sort of inspired by Maxim Gorky’s Children of the Sun, in which Elyena and Lisa argue about art’s ability to rescue humanity whilst the walls close in around them.  It is a playful and intimate performance reflecting on our relationships with different political dynamics, privilege and the function of art.

Tue 13 Nov  - 17 Nov

£12 (£10) 


  • Address
    Camden Peoples Theatre 58-60 Hampstead Rd,
    NW1 2PY
  • Telephone
    020 7916 5878