1. Commons leader Andrea Leadsom quits government over Brexit

    Senior minister Andrea Leadsom says she no longer believes the government's approach will deliver Brexit.
  2. Hospital 'abused' vulnerable adults in Durham

    Undercover BBC filming shows staff swearing, mocking and taunting patients with learning disabilities.
  3. British Steel insolvency endangers 5,000 jobs

    British Steel enters compulsory liquidation, threatening 5,000 jobs directly and 20,000 more indirectly.
  4. 'You can't cheat?' asks Queen at check-out

    The Queen visited a replica of the first Sainsbury's shop to mark the chain's 150th anniversary.
  5. M25 killer Kenneth Noye to be freed from prison

    Kenneth Noye was jailed for life for the murder of Stephen Cameron on a slip road of the M25 in Kent.
  6. Amazon heads off facial recognition rebellion

    A group of investors had sought to stop the firm providing its Rekognition system to police.
  7. Parents 'sent money to IS fighter son in Syria'

    John Letts and Sally Lane deny funding terrorism after their son Jack Letts travelled to Syria.
  8. Trump hits back at Democratic 'cover-up' claims

    The president rules out any bipartisan co-operation until Democrats call off "phoney investigations".
  9. Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green to close 23 stores

    The pensions regulator has doubts about Sir Philip Green's proposed rescue plan to mend the business.
  10. Seven Kings mosque: Man held after gun fired

    A 28-year-old man is arrested after a gun was fired near the Seven Kings Masjid in east London.
  11. Chagos Islands dispute: UN backs end to UK control

    In a non-binding vote, the General Assembly demands the UK give the islands back to Mauritius.
  12. World Cup: Fifa drops plans to expand Qatar 2022 to 48 teams

    Plans to expand the 2022 World Cup from 32 teams to 48 are abandoned by football's world governing body Fifa.
  13. Game of Thrones: How much do women speak in the show?

    The show's actresses get considerably less time speaking on screen than the actors, data suggests.
  14. Tesla 'hires' witty museum sheep tweeter

    Social media expert who propelled The Museum of English Rural Life to global fame is snapped up by Tesla.
  15. The mothers fighting to get their children back from Lebanon

    The BBC met three mothers who have all had their children taken to Lebanon by their former partners.
  16. Club Together: The Middlesbrough team bringing refugees together

    The men who play for the Middlesbrough club say it helps give them a sense of belonging.
  17. 'Meteor' captured on camera over Australia

    The piece of space dust put on a spectacular show in the night sky of South Australia.
  18. Cannula sleeves: 'Simple solution for dementia patients'

    Thousands of cannula sleeves have been made by a knitting group since it was set up by a Chester singer.
  19. Politicians and the perils of projectiles

    Cats, shoes, eggs and milkshakes - why people throw things at politicians.
  20. 'People should love who they want to'

    Inside a school where the "No Outsiders" diversity programme is taught.
  21. The effects of air pollution on human health

    People with lung conditions describe the impact air pollution has on their health.
  22. 'Twin tornadoes' spotted in Oklahoma

    Like giant lawnmowers, more than a dozen twisters hit Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, including two at once.
  23. Doctor Who: Judoon to return as Gloucester hosts filming

    The Judoon were last seen terrorising David Tennant's incarnation as the doctor, in 2007.
  24. BBC News Channel

    Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.
  25. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Exploring Tarantino's return

    Tarantino's latest has premiered at Cannes to rave reviews - here's what we've learned from the reaction.
  26. I never met my daughter's dad - she was his dying wish

    Liat Malka was 35 and single when she decided she wanted a child. The sperm donor she found had died five years previously.
  27. Birmingham LGBT teaching row: How did it unfold?

    How did primary school lessons about equality spark a national outcry?
  28. Brexit: No 10 plans to stand firm as PM's future unclear

    But there's a recognition in Downing Street of how difficult it will be to get Theresa May's Brexit plan to a vote.
  29. What went wrong at Jamie's Italian?

    Stretched staff, cavernous premises and the curse of the coupon.
  30. North Korea's Joe Biden 'imbecile' insult and what it tells us

    Calling the former vice-president a "fool of low IQ" is part of North Korea's propaganda strategy.
  31. How computing's first 'killer app' changed everything

    Technology reshapes the workplace in much subtler ways than simply robots stealing jobs.
  32. Being black in Nazi Germany

    A new film explores the little-known story of Germany's mixed-race population in the 1930s and 1940s.
  33. What have economists been getting wrong?

    Evan Davis explains how the field of economics is asking itself some tough questions.
  34. Aladdin: How Disney found its leading characters

    Will Smith might be playing the genie, but Disney opted for two relative unknowns for the leads.
  35. 'I hope my burn will make my kids less judgemental'

    How one man with a facial difference hopes the next generation will be more tolerant.
  36. The US abortion battle explained in three minutes

    Alabama banned all abortions but what does that mean for women across the US going forward?
  37. 'She prepared us for life after her' - Strauss pays tribute to late wife

    Former England director of cricket Andrew Strauss says it has been a "long five months" since his wife Ruth died from a rare lung cancer in December.
  38. 'My mum wears my gold medal like a necklace - I owe her a lot'

    Helen Housby has journeyed from a farm in Cumbria to becoming one of the best shooters in world netball - can her story take another dramatic turn at this summer's World Cup?
  39. Sarri would 'want to go immediately' if Europa League final was to decide his future

    Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri says his future should not be decided by the Europa League final - saying if that was the case "I want to go immediately".
  40. Meilutyte, 22, who won Olympic gold at 15, retires from swimming

    London Olympic swimming champion Ruta Meilutyte announces her retirement from the sport at just 22 after missing three drugs tests.
  41. Nikita Parris moves to Lyon - watch her best Man City goals

    Watch five of Nikita Parris’s best goals for Manchester City as the forward leaves the Women’s Super League to play for French and Women's Champions League winners Lyon.
  42. Man Utd in talks over Swansea winger James but no fee agreed

    Manchester United are talking to Swansea about the potential signing of Wales winger Daniel James, but no fee has been agreed.
  43. Who are the candidates?

    Check candidates standing in the UK in the 23 May European Election.
  44. Will MEPs get pensions and other frequent questions

    Reality Check runs through some of the questions cropping up most often ahead of the European elections.
  45. European elections 2019: Where the parties stand on Brexit

    UK elections to the European Parliament are fast approaching - what are the parties' policies?
  46. What you need to know

    Who can vote in the elections and when will the results be announced?
  47. European elections: First-time voters have their say

    Meet the 18-year-olds voting for the first time in the European Parliament elections.
  48. The slightly complicated maths behind electing MEPs

    Seats in the European Parliament representing England, Scotland and Wales are distributed according to the D'Hondt system, a type of proportional representation.
  49. European elections 2019: Change UK increases Facebook ad spend

    Change UK has spent more than £60,000 in the past week on the platform, while UKIP spent under £100.
  50. 2019 European elections opinion polls: How are the parties faring?

    Brexit Party leads polls for the European elections, with the Tories on course for a historic low.
  51. What's at stake across Europe

    Europe is preparing for a key test of democracy with elections to the European parliament later this week.
  52. 2019 European elections: What are we voting on?

    BBC Brussels correspondent Adam Fleming reminds us what we are actually voting on in the EU Elections
  53. Alabama abortion ban: Should men have a say in the debate?

    Many of the US states passing abortion bans have male-majority legislatures - does that matter?